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Our Chicago-based SEO consultants are readily equipped with the passion, knowledge, and skill set needed to carry your website on an upward trajectory through Google and other major search engines. Invest in our team and you’ll get the experience and expertise needed to bring qualified users to your business.

The Ocean Agency works with clients in a number of different industries. Please visit our search engine optimization case studies page to view examples of the success our clients have had.

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Keyword Research

Our Chicago SEO team will gather thousands of different keywords and pull a number of metrics to determine a keyword’s potential value. These include search volume, our own proprietary competition formula, and other different variables in order to determine how valuable these keywords are for different pages on your website.

On-Site Optimization

We will strategically and gracefully recommend how to infuse the SEO strategy onto your website’s pages. From there, we’ll audit your site’s overall structure and functionality, making the site’s experience optimal for both Google and your end users. These days, user experience and SEO go hand in hand and it will improve your ability to rank.

Google Maps & Local Pack SEO

For businesses that have a physical location, such as corporate headquarters, retail stores and restaurants, a big part of driving search engine traffic to your website is competing in Google’s local search pack and on Google Maps. Our process includes editing your local listings and populating them with search-engine friendly content, as well as reporting on local traffic, reviews and local links.

Link Building

When it comes to giving your site higher authority, it’s not just about getting links, but getting quality links. Our Chicago SEO team will audit your website’s links and remove anything potentially harmful, as well as build links to your site through a number of different avenues.

Content Strategy

The best way to build domain authority is to create well-written, quality content that will generate both links as well as shares on social media. We can help your business by coming up with a strategy and putting out content that will help bring traffic to your website.

In-Depth Reporting

Our job is to communicate value through clear and transparent reporting. You’ll be able to see where you’re ranking daily for each of your optimized keywords, get breakdowns of search engine traffic, competitive analysis and more.
Our SEO reports are 100% proprietary and customized for each client.

Daniel M. O'Brien
“The people at The Ocean Agency are positively unique. They understand the technology and strategies that define algorithmic changes that impact SEO and they’ve transformed our visibility and success. They have helped us appear for the top keywords that have driven leads that fueled our aggressive growth. They are partners and innovators (like us) and they’ll surpass your expectations.”
Daniel M. O’Brien Tech Image, President

Why use The Ocean Agency?

10+ years of experience

Since 2003, the Ocean Agency has been an expert in web design, PPC, SEO, conversion rate optimization and social media marketing. Prior to 2007, we had a staff of less than five people. Now, 40+ talented employees fill our River North offices. In 2015, the Ocean Agency, which was acquired by Logical Media Group in 2014, was named to the annual Inc. 5000 list.

Our reputation

Do you want to get an idea of how your site is performing? Check out our Free SEO Audit tool, and find out what our team can do to improve your site’s presence, get higher rankings and generate traffic.

Our team

The Ocean Agency prides itself on its people. Our team is made up of hard-working, bright individuals from a number of different backgrounds, including analytics, creative writing, business, and statistics. We are confident that you can trust the digital acumen of our SEO consultants.

Where Does Your Site Currently Rank?

Contact our sales team at to find out where your website, as well as your competitors’ sites, are ranking for different keywords in your industry.

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Mike Schatzman
“The web design team worked closely with me to capture the unique essence of my restaurants, and the SEO team was instrumental in making that experience more visible online. With an understanding of what makes restaurants unique, the SEO team identified some keywords that we now rank well for and have without a doubt brought in new customers.”
Mike Schatzman Proprietor/GM, Union Hospitality Group

Our SEO Process

An SEO campaign is a marathon, not a sprint. The better we plan the more successful your campaign will be.



Before starting your campaign, our SEO team will “look under the hood” and see how optimized your website currently is for search engines.



We’ll properly optimize your website so search engines can understand, properly index, and connect the pages of your site with search queries.



Quality inbound links determine a web page’s value. We’ll get you ranked higher in search engines by earning links to your website through creative and strategic link building.

How Search Engines Work

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a fun, fast paced, and ever-changing industry. The major search engines have a tedious task at hand. They continue to invest heavily into fighting spam, understanding semantics, and ultimately ensuring the most accurate and insightful search results for their users. Google in particular has more than 30 trillion websites in its index. Every time someone searches something in Google, Google must sift through all of those in attempt to offer the ten very best results out of what could be millions (or sometimes billions) of relevant webpages.

Our SEO Philosophy

This is where The Ocean Agency and other renowned, ethical, and data-minded agencies come into play. We are here to help Google and the other major search engines understand that your website is relevant to a specific set of search terms. Specifically, The Ocean Agency’s Chicago SEO experts will research and cultivate a sensible, unique, and data-driven SEO strategy aimed at achieving your website’s traffic goals.

Andy Lockhart
“The Ocean Agency took the time to truly get to know our business and its needs in order to maximize the impact of their services. They were in constant communication with us each step of the way to ensure that we understood the processes at play. They went above and beyond to offer us extensive training that allowed us to continue the process after the project had drawn to a close.”
Andy Lockhart PMIDPI, Director of IT

Conversion Rate Optimization

Through different strategic optimizations and A/B testing, our team can help convert more visitors into customers. Through specialized software, we can test different pages, buttons, messaging and more to see what will generate the most leads and sales for your website.

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