The Next Web Design Trend: What’s After Flat?

by scotaft on September 23, 2013

With the much talked about iOS 7 update from Apple, it’s clearer now more than ever that flat design is just what the user ordered.  Gone are the days of extensive drop shadow, 3D graphics and most definitely flash animation.  Flat is replacing the skeuomorphism approach which recently has been tarnished due to overuse. Skeuomorphism is […]

How Word Count Affects Conversions and SEO

by scotaft on May 20, 2013

How many of you or your clients still worry about webpage content being “above the fold”?  If you’ve never heard this expression, let me enlighten you real quick. Being “above the fold” refers to content on a web page that is visible at the top of the window pane without the user having to scroll […]

Your Customers, The Best SEO Strategy You Could Ask For

by scotaft on May 4, 2013

They say Google doesn’t love you until people love you.  At least this is the notion marketing veteran Wendy Piersall has purported, and I agree. It makes sense doesn’t it?  Think of how SEO has changed in recent years.  Google is trying harder than ever to ignore suspicious link building and low quality content marketing.  The […]

A New Approach to Web Design: Custom vs. Theme

by scotaft on April 14, 2013

Introduction If you were buying your first house what would be important to you?  Chances are you’ve lived in apartments or dilapidated college shacks up to this point and have been keeping a running list of all the things you absolutely need once you have a home that is completely yours.  Whether it’s having a […]

20 Best E-Commerce WordPress Themes

by scotaft on April 8, 2013

Choosing the proper WordPress theme to communicate the message and products of your E-Commerce site is crucial. You need a theme that matches your style, offers ample room for information, and is powerful enough to boast the product line you want to sell. There are many different E-Commerce templates out there, and it can be […]